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Pamela Dwyer


Pamela Dwyer is about to launch her seventh year as the Principal of Oakland Avenue Charter School in Oakland, Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Portland State University and a Master of Arts Degree from Stetson University in Education Leadership. Pamela has held a variety of roles in public, private, and charter education including Assistant Principal, ELA & Writing Coach, elementary Creative Writing Teacher, intermediate grades teacher, and Adult Career Development education.

Early in her education career, Pamela had the tremendous opportunity to attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, founded and directed by Lucy Calkins, The Robinson Professor of Children’s Literature at Teachers College. Through this experience, Pamela discovered the marvel and wonder found in giving children the tools to share their own voice. Learning how to teach “shoulder to shoulder” with children is the catalyst to shaping her fundamental belief that teaching should be a student-directed exploration of curiosity grounded in relevance and meaning.

Pamela is committed to Authentic Leadership and the pursuit of self-reflection, building lasting relationships, and valuing input from the entire school community. She strives to make personal connections with each student by greeting them each morning and working to memorize each of the 525 students names on her campus.

Pamela is on the Board of Directors for Oakland Nature Preserve and chairperson to their Education Committee. Oakland Nature Preserve partners with her school, Oakland Avenue Charter School, by providing learning opportunities on nature, the environment, and our Florida ecosystems. She is a wife, mother, and infinite lover of her three dogs.

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